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How the numbers are generated

ClearCOGS is committed to delivering the most accurate reports possible. When you receive your morning briefing, you can be sure that we've taken care in ensuring that you'll be eliminating waste and increasing your profits.

So, how does it work?

ClearCOGS starts by collecting all of your past transaction data directly from your POS system.

We pull data from as far back as possible to get a comprehensive understanding of your demand patterns

Short term trends that we look at:

Day of the week

Week of the month

Month of the year

Federal Holidays

Long term trends that we look at:

Year to date usage

Same day across multiple years (if applicable)

Weather patterns

There are a few things that the system does not automatically detect. These are rare, so they shouldn't affect your business too often, and with some warning we can help you prepare for them.

These include:

Anomalous weather events (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc)

Non US federal holidays

Non consistent local events

Want to get started receiving ultra-accurate reports?

Schedule a time to meet with one of our sales representatives to be walked through our system.

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