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Increase your profitability with 

AI-powered decisions

Proactively give your team answers to their daily questions;
so they'll never have to guess how to staff, prep, or order.

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Move beyond guesswork; embrace a data-driven approach that is tailored to your restaurant's unique operational demands

With ClearCOGS, harness the power of advanced analytics for actionable insights, predictive prep schedules, and comprehensive demand forecasting. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing technology, optimizing every aspect of your operations from inventory management to labor scheduling. 

How it Works

Make use of the data you have on hand.

Data-Driven Forecasts:

Your POS data and menu are the starting points. We analyze patterns to predict daily needs with pinpoint accuracy.

Smart Inventory Management:

Taking into account shelf life and lead time, we ensure you stock what's needed, reducing waste and cutting costs.


Tailored Recommendations:

Receive hyper-personalized prep and purchase recommendations that your staff can easily act on, streamlining your daily operations.


Effortless Integration:

No new hardware or complicated setups. ClearCOGS works with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to smarter operations.

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POS Data

Our AI

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