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Math Venture Partners Announcement

Math Venture Partners Announcement

We would like to thank Math Venture Partners & Lofty Ventures for adding ClearCOGS to their portfolios!

Math Venture Partners are the proud partners of entrepreneurs. They are the champion, the cheerleader, the teacher, and the coach. They ask tough, challenging questions. Then, they use every skill, every tool, and every contact to help discover the best path forward. They offer a hand up when things are down, and raise their glass when things go right.

"We've grown to know the restaurant space and its challenges well over the years. ClearCOGS understands these challenges and has created a truly restaurant-centric approach to solve inefficiencies in the industry. MATH is proud to support ClearCOGS and their mission to make restaurants around the world more sustainable, profitable, and easier to run."

-Troy Henikoff, (Managing Director & Co-Founder, MATH Venture Partners)

At ClearCOGS, we empower restaurant operators with the tools and information they need to make proactive decisions to reduce management stress. We measure our success by the impact our tools have on the bottom line and clarity in your businesses operations.

MATH & Lofty are not only investors, but partners in our future, and we are excited to be working with them!



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