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ClearCOGS and Red White & Que

A video case study

ClearCOGS video case study and testimonial featuring Dan Misuraca, owner and operator of Red White & Que Smokehouse in Green Brook, New Jersey. Find out how ClearCOGS helps this barbecue restaurant save money and time, while providing increased flexibility.

Red White & Que is Dan's first restaurant, serving slow smoked barbecue all smoked the day before. Before using ClearCOGS, Red White & Que was losing money by over-prepping (which leads to waste) or under-prepping (lost sales). After a quick setup with amazing service, Dan was able to start using ClearCOGS to see exactly how much meat he needs to slow smoke the night before and how much of his sides he should be prepping.

Although Dan has been doing prep at his restaurant for 8 years, ClearCOGS reports are more accurate, saving him as much as 3 racks of ribs daily, or more.

To find out more about how ClearCOGS can help your restaurant business, make sure to schedule a call with one of our representatives!

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