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Breadless Super-Green Sandwich Shop Increases Profits with ClearCOGS

Breadless Monthly


Breadless is a healthy eatery serving sandwiches, salads, and bowls.

Currently operating one location in Detroit, they are soon expanding after increasing profits and streamlining BOH operations with ClearCOGS.

40 hr

Labor Reduction


COGS Savings


Labor Savings


COGS Decrease

Using ClearCOGS, Breadless was able to reduce labor hours and COGS, while also freeing up management time.

POS: Toast

"It reduces mistakes, turnover times, increases overall service to customers and brand overall. As we continue to grow and fine tune it, it will continue to do that for us."

Jason Brys - Director of Operations


Breadless was founded with a simple mission: "everyone deserves to eat good." Created with the goal of supplying communities with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and healthy options that are also packed with flavor, the Detroit based sandwich shop has seen lots of popularity in their community.

However, the path to growth is unfortunately not just a popularity contest. There are many other factors that get in the way of restaurants expanding. High food costs, high labor costs, low efficiency, and unpredictability are all factors that got in the way of expansion. 


Jason Brys, Director of Operations, didn't have time to focus on what a director of ops should be focusing on, "With us being so small, I'm not just running a lot of the back-end, but I'm running a lot of the front line stuff as well, managing the stores." 

Breadless was opened for nine months using a system where either Jason or the manager would have to manually calculate what they thought they needed to prep, with each manager doing calculations differently, and allowing a lot of room for error.

Because of this unscalable and unreliable system, over and under prepping became a costly issue. "Our biggest concern was greens that we had prepared but they were going bad because we were over-prepping," Jason shared. On the other hand he said, "I was having to go back into the kitchen to help catch up on prep at least three times a week."

"With ClearCOGS giving us good data it allows us to reduce potential waste, since we're prepping more accurate amounts of cheese, grains, or proteins. And it saves time for the managers opening, because instead of them having to do the math it just tells us - hey this is how much you're going through every day."

Jason Brys - Director of Operations


After nine months of struggling with their old system, Breadless found ClearCOGS as a solution to their problem. Their operation needed structure and accuracy to free up time to work on what mattered. ClearCOGS prep schedules did exactly that. 

Getting started was an easy process. ClearCOGS worked with Director of Ops, Jason, to map their menu and take into account all of the Breadless standard operating procedures, while also ensuring that all the major pain points the Breadless staff were experiencing were addressed.


The solution was daily automatic prep sheets that were making more accurate forecasts than the previous system. With ClearCOGS predictive forecasting, Breadless could start each day knowing exactly how much to prep, meaning all the prep could be done at once, and staff could spend their time focusing on the customers.


Within the first month of using ClearCOGS, Breadless already began to see positive results. Overall, those results were a considerable decrease in wasted labor and food, meaning lower COGS and lower labor costs. 


In a month, ClearCOGS saved Breadless $1500 on food costs and $720 on labor costs. This is equivalent to an approximate 1.4% increase in profit margins.  

"I've personally had to prep less since using ClearCOGS, I can help with prep in the morning, once, and then I'm able to focus on the rest of my day. Now I'm able to focus on the growth of the brand, implementing new standards to staff, fine tuning all those things that require attention to detail for the whole company." Jason shared.


What are your food costs and where do you want them to be?

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