Our Story

Founded by Matt Wampler and Osa Osarenkhoe, the inspiration for ClearCOGS came from Matt’s decade of experience as a Jimmy John’s franchisee.   As an operator, Matt lived the daily guesswork of trying to be both prepared and efficient. 


Having lived it himself, we know restaurants and their needs are unique.  We understand the solutions we create need to be unique as well.  We build your business a proprietary “crystal ball” to generate powerful demand predictions which empower operators to make meaningful, strategic decisions.  Rather than creating endlessly varied reports, we provide concise, detailed answers to the demand and labor questions your store-level managers stress about every day. 

We don’t expect you to learn our technology to solve your problems;

we use our technology to concisely and efficiently solve your problems. 

Meet The Founders


Osa Osarenkhoe
Co-Founder & CPO/CTO

Osa is well versed in the Startup world, having launched two prior ventures as well as, co-founding Fifth Star Funds Venture Capital in Chicago where he still sits on their investment committee.  Osa holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University and a BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Matt Wampler 2.jpg

Matt Wampler
Co-Founder & CEO

He started his journey in restaurants early, taking over a failing Jimmy Johns franchise right out of college. After turning it around he spent the next 7 years opening additional units before exiting the business in 2018.  After learning to code over the pandemic, Matt became consumed by the disparity between today's technology and the tools currently available to operators.  Possessed with the mission to close that gap, ClearCOGS was born. 

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