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How ClearCOGS Works

The ClearCOGS algorithm is extremely accurate. Here's how we ensure your reports always help your bottom line.


Data Collection

Setup made simple.

We pull data from your POS as far back as we can to give us the clearest image of your operations.

Our system

Get extreme accuracy by tomorrow

By coupling your historical data from the past ten years with external factors that can impact business, our numbers are always spot on.

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Morning Briefing

Customize reports to your business needs

You'll begin receiving your daily Morning Briefing reports with all the customized information you need to improve operational efficiency


Sent daily

Forecast batches

Important items

Low Maintenance

Making Implementation & Adoption Effortless

No Manual Inputs

ClearCOGS automatically pulls your order data directly from your POS or Back of House system each day. 

Simple Setup

All that's needed on your end is to answer some simple questions and we take care of the rest!

No Hardware Required

ClearCOGS's Demand Forecasting System creates reports through your daily transaction data.

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Simple Answers

Each store receives simple daily reports, specific to the individual location, with information to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Data-Driven Decisions...


Set goals based on your restaurant's operation,

choosing to optimize reduction in food waste or stockouts.

FREE Consultation

Meet with one of our experts to asses your business needs,

totally on us!

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