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Optimize your Barbecue business with ClearCOGS


The Morning Briefing reports are totally customizable and provide data-driven accurate predictions for how much you'll make on a daily and weekly basis.

Our barbecue partners have unique needs. Here are some of the customizable report features for barbecue businesses:

  • Top performing menu items

  • Daily amounts of smoked or prepared meats

  • Daily sides by the batch

  • Daily sides by the portion

  • Weekly amounts of smoked or prepared meats by the day

  • Weekly pre-batched sides or other items

Is there other information that your business needs? We'll find a way to build it into your report!


Easiest Setup in the industry

Competitive Advantage

Increase in Revenue

Highly accurate, data-driven numbers

No more guesswork = No more waste

Completely customized solution

Ready to get started?

Put a time on the calendar to get set up with your custom solution now.

Hear firsthand from one of our BBQ restaurant customers:

Shawn Walchef, Cali BBQ Owner

Pricing Plans



Daily PAR Reports

Unlimited Forecasted Items

No Setup Fee



Custom Reports

Unlimited Forecasted Items

No Setup Fee

Still Have Questions?

Talk to one of our experts to find out which plan works best for your barbecue business.

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